Have you been injury in an electric scooter accident? Whether you were the operator, or an innocent bystander, electric scooter collisions can result in serious injury. The electric scooter injury lawyers at Zukerberg & Halperin PLLC can help you. A scooter injury lawyer is on hand to assist with your claim today.  Lime, Spin, Jump and Byrd are some of the electric scooter companies licensed to do business in Washington, D.C. Scooters are fun, but injuries are serious. You need a top rated lawyer on your side. 

Scooter Injuries Up

Scooter Accidents May Be Due to Negligence

In some cases a scooter accident may be human error.  Distracted operators are a real problem. However, there are also reports that a growing number of accidents are caused by mechanical failure. This may be due to poor maintenance, or a manufacturing defect. Scooters left on the street don’t always get proper care and maintainance. Because electric scooters are a new method of transportation, there may be design flaws which are only picked up later, after the scooters have gone into production. In many cases, there are sufficient grounds for pursuing a negligence claim. Get in touch now to find out whether you may be entitled to compensation.

Scooter Accident Lawyers – Washington DC

We can work with clients at every stage of the case, helping and advising our clients. In the initial consultation, which is always free, our trusted lawyers will evaluate your claim. If we accept your case, you will will have a top D.C. personal injury lawyer working for you. Our lawyers have 50-plus combined years of experience in personal injury, including scooters, bike share, cars and truck accidents.  

Washington DC Scooter Accident Attorney – No Win, No Fee Available

If you have been hurt in an electric scooter collision, you need to know your rights. Do not miss out on the potential opportunity to claim the money that is rightfully yours! Call us at (202) 335-2079 to find out more.